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Performing routine maintenance is the best way to protect the investment in your swimming pool. Our full service maintenance agreement ensures that you will never have to look at your swimming pool as another thing on your list of things to do. Relax, enjoy your pool and let us do the work!

We have several options for you to choose from but the most popular package is listed below as an example - call our office if you want to discuss different options.

Suggested Frequency: (can be changed at any time by contacting our Original 7 Office)


Should your service date fall on a holiday, service will be rescheduled the previous or following day. In the event of inclement weather, the pool/spa will be cleaned to the extent weather permits and chemicals will be added. If you believe a service call was missed for reasons other than previously stated, please contact us within 24 hours and the call will be made up.

Included Maintenance Services

  • Blow off deck and surrounding area
  • Skim pool surface to remove debris
  • Empty skimmer baskets and pump baskets
  • Brush pool walls and floor
  • Clean pool tile when needed
  • Vacuum Pool
  • Backwash filters when needed
  • Test chemicals each visit / adjust chemicals (when needed) / any chemicals used will be charged based on our per pound price quoted on our agreement
  • Chemical analysis and report of results and any adjustments left behind for you at each visit
  • Visual Inspection of Pool Equipment with each visit - we will let you know if there are any potential problems that need addressing

Additional Services Available

  • Opening Pool in Spring
    • Remove cover – clean, fold and store (if applicable)
    • Install hand rails (if applicable)
    • Clean any debris in pool
    • Inspect equipment (anything that may need to be addressed will be sent to you via proposal)
  • Closing Pool in Winter
    • Remove and store handrails and ladders (if applicable)
    • Install cover (if applicable)
    • Winterize Pool
    • Inspect equipment (anything that may need to be addressed will be sent to you via proposal)
  •

Pool School

CPOThe Certified Pool Operator (CPO) training is designed to provide individuals with the basic knowledge, techniques, and skills of pool and spa operations.

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